Boston to New York

You can walk from Boston to New York City in fewer than a million steps.

20 thoughts on “Boston to New York”

  1. Whizegirl – Whizegirl, s/he said you CAN, and that means when you are walking a certain length of steps.

  2. you are a big jerk…….*twitch* – O.K. mizzaberry your getting on my nerves.Your a freak about grammer.You sound like your 50 years old and you are a jerk!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Correction – Last post edited for grammar and spelling::: O.K. mizzaberry you’re getting on my nerves.You’re a freak about grammar. You sound like you’re 50 years old and you are a jerk!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. More corrections. – Thanks for saving me time, Pogues, but there’s a few things you missed out (when reading between the lines): “O.K., mizzaberry, you’re getting on my nerves (I’m a retard). You’re a freak about grammar (of which my usage is disgraceful). You sound like you’re 50 years old (I’m five) and you are a jerk! (I like jerking my daddy off).

    Just a few things in his/her/its post you missed out. :) And, whizegirl, when I don’t correct your disgraceful grammar and spelling, don’t reply and reprimand me for it.

  5. Big deal – You do know that I really don’t care that my grammer is bad or that you love being mean to every person you meet but don’t say stuff to me like that.You are a freak about grammer!You do act like every person you meet you have to critisize and you are acting like a old lady who only reads grammer books.

  6. … – What are you, six? I really don’t care if you think I’m an “old lady”. I’m “mean” to people who are so idiotic they force me to reply, you being one of them. I didn’t even correct your grammar, I just ascertained what the fact was actually about. You’re so stupid that you wrote back telling me to stop correcting your grammar! Go back to school, for Christ’s sake.

  7. bad grammar – if you really want to pick on somebody with bad grammar, pick on stephen french. my five year old sister spells better than him.

  8. reveek – The only way this fact could be true is if the person who posted this asked the person who had the shortest legs in the world since they would have the shortest steps.

  9. fed up – ok i don’t want to start an argument but i’ve looked at a lot of these facts on this site and some of the comments and seeing all these ppl argue about these pointless things is just getting annoying. I’m not gonna mention any names cuz i’m sure that might start something else but i just would like to remind you that these comment pages are made for ppl to say what they think about the fact and not to start conversations or fights with the other ppl with comments, so if you have a problem with someone’s thoughts on this topic than please get their e-mail or something and discuss it somewhere else.

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