Big Collision

The andromeda and the milkyway will collide in about two billion years.

10 thoughts on “Big Collision”

  1. Not – As Cosmologists are often pointing out, this is just another paradox. All signs point to the fact that the univers is expanding in all directions.

  2. Yes and No – The universe is expanding, but that doesn’t stop things from moving independently in different directions within it.

  3. Empty heads – and mostly empty space…. Since galaxies are more empty space then anything, chances of two bodies colliding are negligible.

  4. Just some information you might like to know before talking crap – While the universe is constantly expanding, that does not always mean that objects are always moving away from each other, you must take into account the force we all (should) know as gravity, this force is produced by, and affects, every single object that has mass, this includes you, me, a pencil. These forces go unnoticed because of the more powerful forces between these objects and Earth. All objects have gravity, and this is true even more so for cellestial bodies, such as stars and galaxies, which over time, may me pulled towards each other, because of the close proximity of Andromeda to the Milky Way, this will most likely occur, however this will not affect us, not only because we will all be dead because the sun will have swallowed Earth, but because Andromeda would merely merge with our galaxy, they are not solid shapes, just lots of little solid shapes forming a larger body, like some pebbles in a mound. I think that sets things straight.

  5. Yes – It’s true. My Earth Science teacher is NASA certified, and he said in 15 billion years…

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