Beaten in L.A.

In Los Angelos, California it is legal for a man to beat his wife with a leather strap as long as it is less than two inches in width, or she gives him permission to use a wider strap.

7 thoughts on “Beaten in L.A.”

  1. rule of thumb – actually, i once heard that (not in ca, just somewhere like england a long time ago or something) that it was illegal to beat your wife with anything bigger than the width of your thumb. hence the phrase “rule of thumb”

  2. ACtually… – The phrase “rule of thumb” comes from (I think) the Romans. In their gladiator-ish entertainment, once one person go the other down, they’d look to the audience to see if they should kill the loser. Thumbs up meant go ahead, and thumbs down meant no.

  3. Actually.. – …It’s the opposite. Thumbs down from Cesear you live…thumbs up… off with his head (forlack of a better phrase).

  4. I’m not sure where it happens but it’s true though – I remember reading that law, but I don’t remember reading it if it happens in LA or not.

  5. Rule of Thumb – The “Rule of Thumb” comes from a every old King’s thumb to make 1in. when they didnt have measuring utensils. goodness ppl where have u been

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