Bean Power

If you fart consistently for 6 years and 9 months, enough gas is produced to create the energy of an atomic bomb

13 thoughts on “Bean Power”

  1. yeah you would – Terroists would value a person like that, they would use that person as a torture device to hostages, every terroist group would be out to get him/her

  2. some tho – but then again, some people’s farts seem like atomic bombs just the way they are…ie my bro

  3. dumb topic and so is Leethemaniac – u was there when ur friend Chris farted the first 6 notes, Leethemaniak?? U and ur friend needs a life…anyways farts don’t have anything to do with anything explosive

  4. Not explosive? – “Farts” contain methane, a highly flammable gas. How does flammable gas not have anything to do with explosives?

  5. To Santa-whatever – yes i was there and i wish i hadnt been there it reaked and secondly, have you ever lit a fart? its awesome

  6. but… – if your did contain methane, hold a match to your butt! the unstoppable flamethrower! muahahahahahahahaha!

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