Baby Blues

On average, twelve newborns are given to the wrong parents each day.

13 thoughts on “Baby Blues”

  1. Whoa – Thank you. I finally understand now what happened way back when. The world makes perfect sense.

  2. wrong kids? – i dunno, but that splains a lot see….. my freinds cousin had a kid, kid had brown eyes, but both mom and dad had blue eyes….. either there was a switch up or …….. i’ll let your imagination wander to the same locale mine did

  3. I really dk. – It happens, but from my opinion personally, I don’t think it happens when 12 newborns are given to the wrong parents a day. Ik it happens, but I’m kinda skeptikal about that topik, though.

  4. AHHH! – Cheese and crackers, they could not be true! Well That explains why my older sis was adopted by aliens and sent back,lol. Nah, it doesn’t matter if the parents have blue, green, brown, orange whatever color of eyes, it’s the genes of they’re parents before them, dominent , recessive, or whatever. i made my point, so there!

  5. thankful – I’m so glad my son looks just like me! My bestfriend says that anyone could be his father and no one would know because he looks so much like my dad and I.

  6. I don’t think so – 12 each DAY sounds a little excessive. I was thinking that something more like 12 each MONTH would be more reasonable. Even in third world countries, keeping track of whose baby is whose isn’t difficult. And as for the eye color, if any of your parents, cousins, aunts (by blood), uncles (by blood), grandparents, cousins once removed, great-aunts (by blood), great-uncles (by blood), or great-grandparents has brown eyes, than it isn’t that surprising. Further back than that, it is a little unusual that the brown eye-color gene was recessive for so long when it is usually dominant. Still, I wouldn’t suspect anything unless there was a real reason to.

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