Alotta SPAM

On this planet there is a can of SPAM opened every four seconds.

10 thoughts on “Alotta SPAM”

  1. Warehouse – There is actualy a storehouse on the island of hawaii full of Spam in case there is a shortage in the states.

  2. Spam… – That is something I won’t never eat, I won’t eat spam if it was the last thing on earth…if it looks nasty it’s nasty, and if it smells like shoot…it’s gonna taste like shoot!!

  3. Stands For – Actually, SPAM stands for special ham. I think it was invented in WW2, so the troups could have ham for Christmas. You can add 1 more can, I am cooking it tonight. It is delicious when you slice, fry and put on toast w/ mayo and lettuce, tomato option. FYI – It is nasty if you add cheese.

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