7up’s Spot

The red spot on the 7up cans comes from it’s inventor. He was an albino (albinos have red eyes stupid).

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  1. erm, no – Hate to burst your bubble, but albinos don’t have red eyes…I would know, my 7th grade band teacher was an albino. Albinos have extremely fair skin and pale BLUE eyes, not red.

  2. Maybe he justs didn’t get out much ; ) – And I thought it was pink eyes, but maybe that’s just other animals.

  3. An albino is – A person or animal born with their skin white, (except those whose skin is white normally)

  4. i heard that – if your eyes are red that you are possessed by a demon, so all albinoes must be possessed.

  5. You are all stupid – With just a second worth of research… Albino: A person or animal lacking normal pigmentation, with the result being that the skin and hair are abnormally white or milky and the eyes have a pink or blue iris and a deep-red pupil. Notice the DEEP RED PUPIL!?

  6. also – it would make sense that albinos would have blue eyes, pale bule is the lack of pigment in eyes, ( bio teacher)

  7. You’re missing the point. – You all seem to have a remarkable capacity for missing the point. The inventor of 7-up, Charles Leiper Grigg, was not an albino. This claim is totally false. The rumor was started as a marketing ploy MANY years ago. Since then, 7-up has REPEATEDLY stated that this is a myth.

  8. Freaky… – wouldn’t it be freakishly cool to have red eyes? i mean, a HUMAN to have red eyes? then you could jump out of closets and pop out of bed and scare people you don’t know…haha

  9. piong – Or if someone told you to move rudely, you could turn around and ask them “What did you say to me?!”

  10. wow – My friend’s eyes change color depending on the lighting and the temp. One time his eyes even turned a dull pink.

  11. having red eyes would be awesome – you could jump out from behind bushes and stuff and scare away neighbors. well i guess you could just jump out of bushes to scare people even if you didn’t have red eyes but it would be cooler to have red eyes

  12. having red eyes would be krazy – I guess not all albinos have red eyes, becuz ik an albino and she most definitely don’t have red eyes….so all u ppl who think that ALL albinos have red eyes are WRONG…and besides if a person has red eyes they must possessed by the devil.

  13. y’all – albinos, lack melanin in their skin. as for the eyes, they can have either red or blue. just paler. and it will be hard for them to look at the morn sky directly.

  14. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii this sitez funny – hiiiiiiiiii isaw a albino person on the maury show ans she had blue eyes
    if u want red eyes u could just get red contact lens’s

  15. Badazz – Red eyes. Never knew you could have eyes like that. It must be really cool, so you can scare the hell out of someone just by looking at them. And besides, the devil only possesses the spirit and uses the body. It’ll be really cool to look at someone and seeing a pale red or blue. I would like a color like that. Awesome……..

  16. meanies! – i dnt get y u think it wood b cool to scare someone and to agree with all yous guys i know an albino and she doesnt have red eyes but blue and her bro has red so it can b both and also i expect some albinos can be quite self conciouse of their pigment abnormality so i dont think its right to be sayin that scarin someone is fun!

  17. here – albinos are people who have no pigment in their skin and body. this means their eyes are generally red from the blood vessels in thier eyes. some have some pigmenta nd thier eyes are a light blue or purple.

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